Iota Iota Omega Chapter Presents

Women of Color in Politics

Carolyn Official

Carolyn Phillips

Benton Charter Township Clerk 

Q: What office/s do you currently hold? What office/s have you held in the past?

A: Benton Charter Township Clerk

Q: What inspired you to run for political office?

A: After being employed at Benton Charter Township since 1976, in several different positions, learned the roles and responsibilities of managing a Township and decided to run for the office of Township Clerk in 1996 to make a difference in the management of the Clerk's office, which includes a wide variety of duties and responsibilities.

Q: What is your proudest accomplishment while serving in an elected office? and/or What is your current priority during this term of office?

A: Updating and improving the budgeting/accounting process, records management, voter registration files and conducting elections, recording and maintaining Township Board meeting information, and ordinance updates. This list does not cover all the accomplishments, which is always a work in progress and constantly changing.

Q: What advice would you give young women who are considering a career as a public servant?

A: Understand the roles and responsibilities of the public office you are interested in. Think of it as public service not a career, because elected positions are sometimes hampered by term limits and voters. Must be willing to communicate and listen effectively, work effectively with others, manage adversity and hostility.

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